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Your authentic figures, depicted
with our
tax artistry.
Your goals
made real.
Image by Sarah Dorweiler
A New Leaf Company is our way of contributing to and supporting entrepreneurs.
We make sense of the numbers and business structure, then support the mindset & everyone thrives! 
 The LoveJoy's
Biz Structure & Tax Strategies


Applying tax strategies and preparing tax returns to utilize the business structure and organization to the fullest potential is our specialty.


We offer accounting, income tax preparation, real estate advice, sales, marketing, restaurant & customer service-related expertise.  


We act as a virtual CFO, & provide bookkeeping for our premium-level clients.

Coaching & Consulting


We help individuals and businesses make the necessary decisions, to create a new story so they grow and prosper.

Expanding mindsets and creating confidence in every phase of life is what brings us joy!

Sketching Equipments
Is Tax Artistry a thing?
Meet Trisha & Richard

We are Trisha and Richard LoveJoy, and we feel blessed to live in Divine energy. We believe in making a difference and a contribution in Life. We build relationships based on trust- with Love & Joy.

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